Ostrich Consulting for Nutrition, Incubation, Transport, chick rearing, breeding, eggs, meat, leather and all ostrich aspects.
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Baronigg - ostrich consulting

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Your partner in all aspects of ostrich farming

Since 1994 the company Baronigg Ltd. works exclusively in the ostrich industry - with an own farm and a full chain of transformation and marketing. Practical experience combined with theoretic research in global cooperation with universities, scientists and other ostrich farmers offers the basis for our consulting service. We offer our know-how to future ostrich farmers and already existing ostrich farms to increase the efficiency of the whole ostrich industry and to avoid mistakes, which have done again and again.

Our ideas are based on the following: not the ostrich has to be adapted to the farm conditions, the farm has to be adapted to the ostrich.

Following this, we can show measures and ways to reduce the mortality of chicks, the costs of the investment and the current production costs and ensure the transformation of all products at a high, international standard.




  1. Projects of new farms

Already by the selection of the farm, the design of the installations and the acquisition of the farm machines as incubators, hatchers ... a lot of wrong decisions can be made, and the adaptation and changes afterwards can be expansive. We offer the possibility to help from the early beginning with designing a new farm and - if required - to build up all the installations, including the latest technologies of ostrich breeding adapt to the local situation.

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Baronigg Ostrich Consulting
7220 Portel Portugal

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  1. Improvement of existing farms

Very often, the small things on an ostrich farm have a big influence. Sometimes it is just necessary to change such things to bring an unprofitable farm to a lucrative breeding station. We improve the daily routing, rationalize and improve the efficiency in cheap and simple ways.



  1. Selection of the breeding flock

Unfortunately exist unserious dealers, which try to sell improper or young animals as "selected, high productive" breeding birds at high prices. The basis of a lucrative breeding station is a good genetic breeding material. We help you in an objective way to find for you and for the local circumstances the right animals.



  1. Nutrition

The basis of our computer assisted prepared nutrition plans are always cheap, local available feeding stuff, which costs normally less the 50 % of pre-manufactured industrial ostrich feed and is more efficient. Fast growing combined with a low mortality at cheap prices, this is the basis for high profit. Depending on the local circumstances, the aim is to produce slaughterbirds with 100 - 115 kg with less then 10 months of age, without addition of hormones or antibiotics.



  1. Incubation and chick rearing

Worldwide we are confronted with one big problem in the entire ostrich industry: Mortality of chicks, in some cases more then 50 %. A lack of basis knowledge and no type fair chick rearing systems are the main problems.

Depending on the local situation, the mortality rate of chicks should be between 5 - 15 %, a higher rate makes ostrich breeding unprofitable. With type fair rearing systems it is possible to reduce the production costs and increase the rate of surviving.



  1. Tranformation of meat and leather

Always the same problem: a lack of experience in abattoirs, transformation plants and tanneries brings a high risk and makes ostrich farming incalculable. Do not make the same mistakes, that we and other ostrich farmers paid already expansive. We show you how to make from ostriches high quality products, in all aspects of slaughtering, transformation, preparing the hide and tanning.



  1. ostrich transport

It makes no difference, if you want to transport ostriches to the next slaughterhouse or if you want to send them overseas: the transport of livestock is always a big logistical challenge. Avoid losses or injured animals. We plan your ostrich transport truck or trailer and we also organise ostrich transports worldwide with trucks or airplanes.



  1. Marketing

It is not possible to sell the best product, if nobody knows about it. We producers must understand, that we must produce for the market! We know measures and ways, how you can prepare your local, regional and national market. In Portugal we were able to increase the selling of ostrich meat from 40 to. per year (1994) to 100 to. per month (1999). Use our experiences, equal if you are a farmer, a production or selling cooperation or an association.



  1. Studies of workability and finance planes

Do not jump into the cold water. We calculate for you all investment costs, current product costs, possible profits and even a calculation of cost distribution inside the farm to avoid bad surprises later. You need also finance planes and studies to raise funds, from your bank or other investors.



  1. Seminars, congresses and courses

We offer complete solutions for ostrich farms, co-operations and associations. We invite beside our experts the leading heads of the ostrich industry to hold lectures. Some examples: Ostrich world congress 1999 in Portugal, whole organisation and programme planning, Ostrich Trade Show 1999 Portugal, entire organisation, ostrich breeding course - first official course for agricultures, scientists etc., duration: 6 weeks, co organisation of the ostrich world congress 2000 in Italy, organisation of the 2nd and 3rd seminar for ostrich breeding 2001 in Ukraine, co organisation of the ostrich world congress 2001 in Brazil, Organisation of the ostrich worldcongress 2002 in Poland.


  1. practical education

We offer you and your workers to be instructed in the basis of ostrich breeding on our farm. Duration: 1-2 weeks.
NEXT COURSE ON OUR FARM AT THE END OF MAY 2007 - click for more informations



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Please contact us; our consulting fees are depending on the work and time or in the case of complete solutions, on the total investment. We are cheaper then you might think...

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